Welcome to the Excuses Wiki

What the Excuses Wiki does

This site allows people to present apparent inconsistencies, and resolve them together. It can be used to fill in the gaps, and manage disputes about games, books, and even our own reality itself.

How to use the Excuses Wiki

Currently this site is in the early stages, but all users, registered or not (unless spam becomes an issue), can add, discuss and document theories, problems and their possible solutions. The pages for different subject are divided into categories with one category per subject. A subject is something like a particular book or series, an individual game, or possibly our reality. Registered members (you can join the site on the join page) can reorganize (hierarchically) and add to the various subjects.

Why Excuses?

I (Craig Macomber) made this site for three reasons. First, I though it would be a good place to discuss and justify (in terms of story and physics) some of some of the design choices made in a game (MMORTS) I'm currently working on, Fragmented Galaxy. The second reason is is that I though other people, both authors/develops and fans/players, would like to have the same service. The third reason is really that I through it would be fun to run a big site full of excuses for why things (both fictional and not) are the way they are. The real reasons, in the case of games, might have to do with game play choices, or what was easy to code, but it is fun to make up reasons that can justify these choices to the players in the contest of the game world and story. I also see excuses made in physics with little justification. Current leading theories use the excuse that 96% everything in existence is an unknown material to explain a few observations when applied to the current understanding of gravity, while the known vacuum energy is ignored (apparently it would have too much gravity). Clearly physics is a battle of competing excuses for why our predictions are right (Our gravitational analysis is right because almost everything is this made up/unknown stuff). It is the same issue we have in games (We can use the warp drive in the solar-system because the solar wind's charges particles short it out). We have observations, and we need to come up with reasons/justifications/excuses for why they are right. What fun would a "justifications wiki" be? We need to admit than our theories are just excuses. We can never be sure what is right.

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